Homeless Children

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A hopeful future for Bipin, Bipina, and Bibek at Diamond Hill Academy and Shamser's Home

Sophie, Shamser, Coen
Bibek, Bipin, Bipina

Here at Diamond Hill Academy we are very keen for all children to have a good education and a happy life.
With the help of volunteers Sophie and Coen, three recently orphaned children are now members of Diamond Hill Academy. Bipin age 4, Bipina age 7 and Bibek age 9 are currently living with their elderly Grandmother in Gaunsahar village who has no income. She is considerably struggling to feed, wash and look after the children and she is deeply saddened and concerned for their future. Thanks to the kind hearts of Shamser and his volunteers, there is now hope for a happy life and successful education  for the children. 
The children have been enrolled into school, Sophie having bought uniform for them and Coen having bought school books for them, but there is still much work to be done to provide a long term secure and nurturing home for them. The children's Grandmother has been told that the children will be taken away to Kathmandu if she cannot care for them, so action needs to be taken very soon. 

Here at Diamond Hill we are planning on having the children live here in the house, so we can provide food, shelter and a surrogate family for them. If the children live here, volunteers can play with them, teach, feed and nuture them so they will eventually become successful, indepedent young adults with a promising future ahead of them.

 It is so important that these children feel safe and secure being so young in this big world with no parents, and we really want to provide a loving, productive home for them here at Diamond Hill. Although this will not be financially easy, Shamser and the volunteers are determined to make this possibility a reality. 

We are currently looking for sponsorship for the children's food and education which is a small cost of 20 euros a month for each child. If you would like to contribute to the children's education, or come and spend time with them at the Academy and Shamsers home you are most welcome. We are very passionate about giving Bipin, Bipina and Bibek a fun childhood and bright future. Here at Diamond Hill, Shamser's family and volunteers hope that you can help us in any way possible, by sharing your knowledge and time with the children or financially contributing towards their bright future!