Volunteers and any assistance from other sources are very welcome in Gaunshahar. Change is slow, but with help from others, our dream is slowly becoming a reality.

Erik Bouchard from US (Chicago) has played a pivotal role in the existence of Diamond Hill Academy. He donated two stone walled class room buildings, 5 laptops and MS Encarta software. He's been keen on playing an active role in charity after a long contact with Shamser in Gaunshar. He recently quit his job at a bank in Singapore to start a new life in Nepal as a charity worker and found his own charity fund. www.scfnepal.org
Internatinal Help
Daimond Hill has seen many friendly faces from all over the world. There have been visitors (volunteers and non-volunteers) from France, China, Poland, The Netherlands, New-Zealand, India, Germany, Korea and of course Nepal.